Mistakes to Avoid During Your Child Custody Case

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As part of the divorce process, you may need to officially divide the time you spend with your children through a formal child custody case. Trying to come up with an effective parenting plan through this process can be stressful, and you may worry about protecting your interests throughout the duration of your case. To protect your interests during your child custody case, avoid making the following mistakes:

•  If you have a visit with your children scheduled, do not be late. Always pick up your children on time to prove that you are reliable and can be trusted to hold up your end of the visitation arrangement.

Mistakes to Avoid During Your Child Custody Case

•  Even though it may be tempting, do not take your children on vacation without first talking it over and getting permission from your ex. If you take your children out of town without seeking prior approval, this could be seen as an attempt at kidnapping during your child custody case.

•  Even though you may resent your ex and still harbor feelings of frustration and anger towards them, do not make this the sole basis of your child custody case. You must showcase that you are a good parent in court, not that your spouse is incapable.

•  During your child custody case, you may experience a wide range of emotions. Try to maintain control of your emotions and do not make hasty decisions when you are feeling upset.