Debtor’s Court

We can help you prepare to attend debtor’s court.

If you ended up in significant debt and decided to file consumer bankruptcy, there are many different steps you must take before finishing the filing process. One of these involves going to debtor’s court, which is one way of stating that you will complete the examination process.

Debtor’s Court

During the debtor’s court process, judgment creditors will look at different ways they can collect funds from you to pay off your debts. For example, they may determine that they will garnish your wages or use existing funds from your bank account. The main purpose of debtor’s court is to determine how they will collect a judgment against you if you fail to pay.

Part of the debtor’s court process also involves answering some questions under oath about your finances and your personal ability to pay any judgments you owe to your creditors. You may be asked to provide information about the assets you own, how much money you owe and to whom, and details about your employment status.

Preparing to attend debtor’s court can be an intimidating process, but we are here to support you and provide legal guidance throughout the entire process at Arnold Law Offices LLC.

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At Arnold Law Offices, we assist clients in debtor’s court in Pell City and Talladega, Alabama.