Why Choosing the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer Is Important

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Being charged with a criminal offense is a very serious situation to find yourself or one of your loved ones in regardless of whether you have actually committed a crime. You have a constitutional right to an attorney, even if you can’t afford one. However, it’s often a better option to hire your own attorney if you can pay for their services.

Why Choosing the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer Is Important

Here are a few reasons why choosing the right criminal defense lawyer is so important:

  • They may be able to save you money. This seems counterintuitive since hiring an attorney is not cheap, especially in criminal cases, which don’t allow them to operate on a contingency fee (meaning they would only pay if they win your case). However, when you consider that your future is at stake, the cost of legal services is not as costly as the penalties, lost wages, and potentially months or years of your freedom that you could lose.
  • They can inform you of your options. You want a criminal defense lawyer who will be honest with you about all the possible outcomes and can help you weigh your options. For instance, they can advise you about whether it’s a better idea to fight against the charges or accept a plea bargain.
  • They have more time and resources. A court-appointed attorney has lots of cases to handle and may not give yours the attention it deserves. To give yourself your best shot, it’s better to choose your own attorney. They’ll likely be able to dedicate more time to your case and make use of their wealth of resources.

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