What to Ask Before Hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer

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If you find yourself in a dire financial situation because you are overwhelmed with debt and being bothered by creditors, bankruptcy can often be a useful solution. But before you can file for bankruptcy, you should hire a trustworthy bankruptcy lawyer who can enlighten you and make sure you understand your options.

What to Ask Before Hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Here are several questions to ask before hiring a bankruptcy lawyer:

  • Is filing for bankruptcy a wise decision for my situation? Filing for bankruptcy isn’t always the best choice. You don’t want to rush into something that will have lasting effects on your credit, but being in a difficult financial situation can often lead people to make poor decisions. Before you hire a bankruptcy lawyer, explain your situation and ask them whether filing for bankruptcy will actually solve your problems.
  • Is bankruptcy law your primary focus? Bankruptcy will affect your life significantly, so you want to be sure you’re trusting a lawyer who understands bankruptcy law deeply. It’s best to choose a lawyer or firm that specifically focuses on this area, as they will have more experience and excellent advice.
  • How much will this process cost? Understandably, you’re going to be worried about how much your lawyer’s legal services will cost, especially since your problems are financial. Before hiring a bankruptcy lawyer, make sure they make it clear what their rates are so you can determine whether hiring them is a good choice.
  • How can I communicate with you? Communication is very important during the bankruptcy process. Make sure you know the best way to get ahold of your lawyer and how often you can expect to speak with them.

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